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When will this Day be celebrated?  November 26th of each calendar year.

What is International Bananagrams Day?   

Bananagrams is the anagram game that will drive you BANANAS! This worldwide phenomenon word game is addictively simple, and simply addictive, BANANAGRAMS is the fast and frantic word game enjoyed by millions! Players and their opponents aim to use all of their letters to build a word grid in a race to the finish. The first player to use all of their tiles is crowned “Top Banana”!

BANANAGRAMS requires no pencil, paper, or board, and comes in a small portable banana-shaped pouch that’s perfect for ages 7 and up —at home or on the go.

International Bananagrams Day is a day to celebrate playing Bananagrams!

Why is this day being created?   

Bananagrams was created by Abe Nathanson and his daughter Rena Nathanson in Rhode Island and launched in London in 2006 and New York in 2007. Since then, Bananagrams has swept the world and become a go to game for family and friends. Bananagrams is offered in 25 countries and counting. International Bananagrams Day is being created to celebrate the game and its founder Abe Nathanson, who passed away in 2010. International Bananagrams Day is intended to bring family and friends together to play this anagram game that will drive you BANANAS!

How should this day be observed?   

International Bananagrams Day should be celebrated by getting together with family and friends and playing Bananagrams.


Who created this day?  This day was created by Bananagrams Inc. in 2022.