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When is Global Wind Day?

June 15th is Global Wind Day.

What is Global Wind Day?

Looking to catch some wind in your energy-conscious sails? Look no further than Global Wind Day, a celebration of the power and possibilities wind energy has to offer.

There’s a revolution afoot. With the explosion of renewable energy sources, wind power has risen in the ranks. Onshore wind farms now rival other low-cost sources of new energy generation. Even offshore wind farms have been cropping up around the globe. Wind farms accounted for more than two-thirds of the world’s new energy sources built in 2017.

Wind Day began in 2007 and became Global Wind Day in 2009, involving 35 countries and over a million event attendees. Wind energy promises to become a larger part of the world’s power production. Global Wind Day gives folks a chance to learn how wind energy is reshaping the world.

Fun facts about Global Wind Day!

  • Modern wind turbines have an average blade length of 180 feet and stand over 280 feet tall.
  • The tallest wind turbines stand on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. These two-blade turbines are mounted to towers 20 stories tall.
  • Vermont is home to the first modern wind turbine, built in 1941.
  • The ancient Persians used windmills to grind grain and pump water.
  • In the 1000s A.D., windmills made their way to the Netherlands where they were used to drain marshes and lakes.

How to celebrate Global Wind Day:

  • Attend a Global Wind Day event to learn about wind power and how it could impact your community.
  • Build an industrial windmill—or at least a pinwheel—with your kids to teach them about wind energy.

What’s the hashtag for Global Wind Day?

Use #GlobalWindDay on social media to spread the word about wind power.