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When is this day celebrated? September 18

What is this day? Global Company Culture Day is a Day for Companies and leaders to focus on the importance of optimizing their Company Culture in order to create a vibrant workplace where people thrive, are excited to come to work, and perform at their peak. It spotlights the fundamental nature that Company Culture plays in maximizing productivity, profitability, and people loving their work.

Company Culture is the most important business conversation happening all over the Globe. Companies are struggling to understand and create how the world of work needs to change to make it a better place for all. There is a direct correlation between only 16% of Executives saying their Company Culture is where it needs to be and the fact that only 15% of employees are engaged worldwide. We want to highlight the importance of creating Epic Company Cultures and drive an Evolution at Work.

Who created this day? This day was created by the Global Company Culture Association in 2019. 

How should this day be celebrated?

  • Use the day to do a sweeping review of your Company Culture and how people feel about working at the company. Then map out a plan for implementing the changes that need to be made to impact it for the better. 
  • Plan a day of fun, educational, inspiring, activities to focus on your Company Culture. Have each department or team plan Company Culture focused activities to take place throughout the day. 
  • Put together groups of people from a cross section of your company and have them evaluate the Company Culture and produce suggestions and strategies for improving it. 
  • Plan a Company Culture education day with different opportunities to watch videos, hear speakers, visit local companies with great Company Cultures and then synthesize what was learned into a path forward for making your Company Culture even better.