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When is Faux Fur Friday?

National Faux Fur Friday occurs the first Friday in December.

What is Faux Fur Day?

You’ve seen the pictures. A hooded parka surrounds a smiling face with a luscious ring of fur. You’ve wanted that parka, but you also don’t want the seal equivalent of Bambi to lose his mom. So you bought faux fur. Faux Fur Friday is the day to celebrate fur clothing and goods without worrying that you participated in some form of animal cruelty.

Many people choose faux fur to avoid encouraging the real fur industry. Spotted cats and fur seals are often targeted only for their coats. The tanning process for preserving real fur also involves harsh chemicals that can pollute the environment.

The advent of faux fur allowed producers to start selling fur in different colors. Now you can buy leopard-skin coats in purple, blue, and other psychedelic colors.

So whether you’re fighting animal cruelty or you’re just a thrifty fashionista, be sure to sport your synthetics on Faux Fur Friday.

Fun facts about Faux Fur Day!

  • Faux fur is far less expensive than real fur.
  • The production of faux fur does not involve animal byproducts, so it’s vegan friendly.
  • Fake fur isn’t as breathable or insulating as real fur, kind of like those non-prescription glasses. They’re not working too hard, but they sure look good.

How to celebrate Faux Fur Day:

Bedeck yourself in animal-friendly furs. Host a faux fur party as a ‘70s throwback. Or, take your faux fur coat for a walk in the December air. Don’t forget an umbrella to keep it dry in wet weather.

What’s the hashtag for Faux Fur Day?

Toss your hat—or just pics of your beaver hat—into the faux fur frenzy by using #FauxFurFriday on social media.