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When is Equal Pay Day?

The second Tuesday in April is Equal Pay Day.

What is Equal Pay Day?

“What was your salary at your last job?” That interview question has short-changed a lot of women. Equal Pay Day raises awareness about the gender pay gap and ways to promote pay equity.

Women have been working alongside men in most occupations for decades now. They often don’t see equitable compensation though. Equal Pay Day lands on a Tuesday to represent how far into the week a woman must work to earn the same pay a man made on Monday doing the same job.

Many factors contribute to the wage gap. For example, when employers use prior salary history to set an employee’s current pay, they perpetuate the issue. Also, forbidding employees from discussing salary keeps the conversation opaque and reinforces the divide.

The National Committee on Pay Equity created Equal Pay Day in 1996 to fight the wage gap. This day promotes transparency and meritorious compensation to level the playing field in American businesses.

Facts about Equal Pay Day!

  • The earnings ratio in 2017 was 80%, which means that on average women made 20% less than men.
  • The largest industry-specific pay gaps occur in the financial services business.
  • In 2017, the top three largest occupations for women were nurses, administrative assistants, and elementary and middle school teachers.
  • The 1870 U.S. census found that women made up 15% of the total workforce. In 2010, they made up 47% of the workforce.

How to celebrate Equal Pay Day:

  • Wear red in support for women who make significantly less than their male counterparts.
  • Research ways to promote compensation parity in your industry, such as interview questions that don’t perpetuate the gap or workplace policies that promote equity.

What’s the hashtag for Equal Pay Day?

Use #EqualPayDay on social media to raise awareness.