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What day is Eleven09 Day celebrated? November 9, 11/09

What is Eleven09 Day?

Eleven09 is an organization that works to help veterans adjust from military life to civilian life. It helps them build careers and become successful in their individual skill sets. It recognizes the importance of a military background in the formation of veterans’ foundational sense of honor, duty, leadership and work ethic. Seeking to foster the skills and values instilled into military personnel, Eleven09 emphasizes and makes use of them in their various veteran programs. These programs provide training and leadership to help veterans make their way in the fast-paced, ever-competitive and ever-challenging modern workplace. Eleven09’s core values involve a strong emphasis on leadership and service, taking what veterans learned in the military and on the battlefield and putting it to work to bring about success in daily life.

Eleven09’s name comes from the date November 9, 2007, the day on which the ideas of this organization were born. On that day, the paratrooper team of the  1st platoon, Chosen Company, 2-503rd 173rd ABCT was ambushed while on tour in Afghanistan, and 6 heroic soldiers made the ultimate sacrifice. To honor the sacrifices of their fallen comrades, the founders of this organization committed to honoring veterans by helping them find employment and create successful lives outside of the military.

Eleven09 Day recognizes the importance of veterans in the workplace and encourages them to keep fighting for what’s important on the homefront.

Why is this day being created? To honor and promote the success of veterans in the workplace, and to advance the Eleven09 mission.

How to celebrate: Thank the veterans in your life for their service and encourage them to continue making a difference where they are. If you’re a business owner or community leader, revisit your hiring policies to ensure your practices are inclusive to all, including veterans. 

What is the hashtag? #Eleven09Day