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What Day is being celebrated? Climate-Smart Skin Awareness Day

When is Climate-Smart Skin Awareness Day celebrated? Climate-Smart Skin Awareness Day will be celebrated on June 28th each year. 

When was this day founded? Climate-Smart Skin Awareness Day was founded in June 2021 by Pour Moi Skincare.
What is Climate-Smart Skin Awareness Day?
The purpose of creating Climate-Smart Skin Awareness Day is to amplify the findings of modern medical research that local climates and weather have radically different impacts on skin health and appearance so the public can make more informed decisions on how to care for their skin in the climates they live in and travel to.

What’s the historical importance of June 28 that designated it to be National Climate-Smart Skin Awareness Day?

The historical importance of the choice of this day is twofold. First, on June 28, 1870, Joseph Henry, known as the Father of Global Weather Forecasting and the first director of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C., testified before the British Parliamentary Commission in London about the Smithsonian’s purpose and operations. At that time, its large-scale scientific weather data, on Joseph Henry’s recommendation, was released to the U.S. federal government, thus establishing the U.S. Weather Service that year.

Secondly, on June 28, 1972, the global science community lost Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis, a world-renewed Indian scientist, and statistician. His legacy includes introducing the first techniques for conducting large-scale sample surveys in meteorology, anthropology, and biology. His methodology is used today in modern medical research to understand the impact of weather on human life, including the skin.

Why is this day being created?
The day has been created to drive awareness about the complex relationship between skin and the local weather and climate. Today most people believe that it is your DNA or demographics such as skin type, gender, age, or ethnicity that solely impact the look and health of your skin but that thinking is obsolete. Modern research shows that external factors such as humidity (and the lack of it), temperature, air pressure, and others have a huge impact as well. Actually, the newest research shows that your skin biochemistry changes depending on if you are in a dry climate such as the desert or in a very humid climate such as a tropical island.
Climate-Smart Awareness Day will drive awareness that people should get educated about their local climate and how it effects their skin as well as how they need to change their routine when they travel to severely different climates.
How should this day be celebrated?
The day should be celebrated by finding a friend or neighbor and tell them about the impact of the climate and weather on the skin. Another way is to hashtag #MySkinFollowsTheWeather and post a selfie of you in your local climate. Pour Moi Skincare will be launching a dedicated web page directing the public to the latest clinical studies on weather and skin and providing resources of where to get educated about it.