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When is Cetaphil Sensitive Skin Awareness Month?

March is Sensitive Skin Care Awareness Month!

What is Cetaphil Sensitive Skin Awareness Month?

Sensitive Skin Awareness Month aims to educate consumers on the causes and signs of sensitive skin as well as how to best care for sensitive skin with routines that are unique and tailored to their needs.

Why is this month being celebrated?

Several published medical studies confirm that around 70% of women self-diagnose as having sensitive skin*. While that number is a staggering majority, there is still confusion surrounding how to best care for sensitive skin.

According to dermatologists, sensitive skin may manifest as one or more of the following five symptoms – dryness, irritation, roughness, tightness, and/or weakened skin barrier – all of which can range from mild to severe.

As all Cetaphil products are specially formulated for sensitive skin and help defend against these five signs of skin sensitivity, Cetaphil is committed to helping everyone discover the complete care their sensitive skin deserves.

How should this month be celebrated or observed?

For all Sensitive Skin Awareness Month content, tune in daily at @CetaphilUS on Instagram and Facebook and @CetaphilUSA on Tik Tok for a chance to learn more about your sensitive skin, get expert advice from dermatologists as well as get a chance to be rewarded with product giveaways. Additional content can also be found on the campaign’s dedicated page at

Who founded this month? This holiday was created in March 2021 by Cetaphil.

*Farage, Miranda A. “The Prevalence of Sensitive Skin.” US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health,