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When is Be the Impact Day? November 2nd

What is Be the Impact Day?

The #BeTheImpact Day was created by Pat Miller, the International Executive Director of Pure International Pageants. This day is set aside for those to go out into their community and do something good. The action is decided by the person. They get to choose the way they get to #BeTheImpact in their community

To give this initiative a special day would allow us the opportunity to inspire others to #BeTheImpact in their world. We hope that by having a day that we encourage others to do good in their community, we can inspire others to help their communities throughout the year. This day also allows us to teach others how to #BeTheImpact by encouraging others to work with community and school groups to find ways of making positive change.

Who created this day? This day was founded by Pure International Pageants in 2020.

How to celebrate Be the Impact Day:

To observe this day, a person should plan an event or time to work with an organization or community service!

What is the hashtag for Be the Impact Day? Create awareness on social media using #BeTheImpact