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Barter Black

What is Barter Black Day?

Barter Black Day is a day Black-Entrepreneurs will focus on community, coaching and collaborating. This day represents building relationships with other Black-Entrepreneurs by exchanging goods, services and resources with each other in order to scale your business and or reach your business goals.

So why is this important? For (1), Black Entrepreneurs are more likely to seek, but less likely to receive outside funding; (2) Cost of labor is a massive concern for Entrepreneurs and (3) There is no community dedicated to circulating wealth amongst each other.

Our vision is to empower Black Entrepreneurs to break free of the racial funding gap into CEO’s of employer-operated businesses through something as simple as bartering.

Bartering creates a win-win situation for both entrepreneurs involved! By bartering with another business owner, you both get the goods and services you need for your business, generate a lead for future business and referrals, save money, cut operating costs and contribute to another Entrepreneurs success!

Are you up for breaking statistics? I want you to envision a world where Black-owned businesses and business ideas don’t die on the altar of no funds or their ability to hire. I want you to also imagine what economic impact we can make if we worked together on building up each other’s businesses. I invite you to join us in our mission to empower Black-Entrepreneurs to break free of the racial funding gap and transition from employees in their business to employers of their business by celebrating Barter Black Day!

Why was Barter Black Day created?

Black-owned businesses account for less than 3% of employer operated businesses in the United States compared to our counterparts at 83.5%. This day was created to promote and create success of Black-owned businesses regardless of their ability to hire employees at the moment. Instead, we want to encourage entrepreneurs to barter, not only to get the things they need in their business to be successful, but to build intentional relationships with each other in order to build a community that works together.

How should Barter Black Day be celebrated?

  • Offer your goods or services to someone as a barter
  • Share your own barter request
  • Support another Black Entrepreneur by asking how you can help them with something in their business
  • Look to collaborate with a black business in a way that helps other Black Entrepreneurs
  • Attend an event hosted by a Black-owned business
  • Share a black-owned business with your family/friends/community
  • Read about O.W. Gurley, the man who pioneered what we now know as Black Wall Street

As submitted by Nicole J. Murphy.