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When is this day celebrated? April 27

Why was this day created?

To celebrate the mothers of Autistic children and the efforts and hard work that they put in to caring for the special children in their lives. During the month of April, Autism is recognized and celebrated to show support for those individuals who suffer from all aspects and extremes that the “spectrum” represents. This day is to recognize the mothers who offer the care and nurturing to help grow these fantastic minds. Mothers that truly deserve the accolades and designation as “Super Mom!” for their continuous caring and unwavering strength, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Who founded this day? This day was created by Brett Wiest in 2019.

How should this day be celebrated or observed?

As part of Autism Awareness Month recognizing the parents of children who suffer from Autism for the care, support, nurturing and sometimes overwhelming strength in patience, character, wisdom, humility and humbleness. Celebrate much the same as Autism Awareness Month, wear the color blue, and offer a “Super Mom” a blue colored rose to show support for their efforts and put a smile on their face.