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AI Appreciation Day
When is Artificial Intelligence Appreciation Day?
This day will take place on July 16 of each calendar year.

What is Artificial Intelligence Appreciation Day? Artificial Intelligence Appreciation day celebrates the positive achievements of A.I. technology to humanity while also shining a spotlight on A.I. ethics and to inspire a national dialogue on A.I. and ethics.

Why is this day being celebrated or observed? A.I. presents an opportunity for a more advanced future with breakthroughs in science, technology, healthcare etc. However, great care, education, and respect need to be at the core of A.I. advancement. Ethics debates are happening and need to happen more on a national level before an advanced A.I. is created that could become conscious, thus a sentient being. Clear ways of determining A.I. sentience and clear regulations, laws and rights need to be explored and firmed up before we accidentally or purposely invent a conscious A.I.

How should this day be celebrated or observed? Observance is done by putting a spotlight on the benefits of A.I. and why ethical conversations are important. Our hashtag campaign #WOAII (without A.I. I ______[fill in the blank with a benefit you’d miss if we didn’t have A.I.]) is meant to drive conversation and use education as a form of observance. For example, “without A.I….#WOAII my smartphone couldn’t recognize me” to more series examples like, “#WOAII without A.I. people with serious spinal injuries couldn’t walk again” etc.

Who created this day? This day was created in May 2021 by A.I. Heart LLC.