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When is this day celebrated? February 10
Who created this day? This day was founded by Erin Herrmann in 2019 in memory of her father, Duane Herrmann. Erin explains, “My dad’s health was compromised postponing Christmas multiple times. After passing January 2019 we debated on even celebrating Christmas. Our gifts were still wrapped and we needed something to keep us busy and something to look forward to. Thus began our first annual (new tradition and holiday) for our family. We’ve crafted hours upon hours to blend our decor to match our new holiday and thought sharing this idea with others to help them thru a tough time if year, especially being in the Midwest while we are lacking in sunshine. Preparing for this day has brought us such joy at the most difficult time in our family’s life.” 
What is Valentismas? A day falling between Christmas and Valentines Day. A day where everyone is available to celebrate family and friends and not run off to multiple engagements. Love of family.
How should this day be celebrated or observed? 
  • Family and friends should gather with a meal and gifts.
  • Decorate with tons of decorations falling anywhere in between winter/Christmas and love/Valentines. Example: Valentines Christmas tree, snowflakes and helium balloons hanging from ceiling.