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When is Universal Children’s Day?

Universal Children’s Day occurs every year on November 20th.

What is Universal Children’s Day?

Children have human rights, just like you and me. That may seem obvious, but not everyone treats children with the dignity they deserve. Universal Children’s Day celebrates our kids and promotes the welfare and protection of children around the world.

All children need peace and healthy learning environments to thrive. Universal Children’s Day supports the global development of schools, as well as policies that will protect children from the worst forms of exploitation, like slavery, child pornography, and child prostitution. Although not every nation observes Universal Children’s Day, many countries have held national and local events since the UN established this day in 1954.

Everyone flourishes under individualized attention, but this is especially true of children. They need care that is tailored to their personality and their gifts as they develop intellectually and emotionally. Universal Children’s Day promotes the cultural atmosphere in which children can reach their full potential.

Facts about Universal Children’s Day!

  • In 2013, there were 153 million children in child labor globally.
  • Between 2002 and 2015, U.S. police identified more than 10,500 victims shown in child pornography.
  • 53 countries still did not regard child pornography a crime in 2012.

How to celebrate Universal Children’s Day:

  • Donate to institutions that work against child exploitation and promote lawmaking that protects children.
  • Talk to your kids about basic human rights and the importance of treating other people with dignity. If they’re not too young, explain to them that many countries don’t respect the rights of children, and give them age appropriate examples.
  • Think about the protection and education of the children in your own home. Do you have child safety policies in place? Does your home promote the dignity of all people, including children?

What’s the hashtag for Universal Children’s Day?

Use #ChildrensDay on social media to promote the welfare of children around the world.