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When is National Videography Day? This day will take place on January 25th of each calendar year.

What is this day?  National Videography Day serves to honor the videographers and cinematographers behind the camera. Video has a way of inspiring and attract its viewers like no other media. Video helps us connect, communicate and engage one another every single day.

Why is this day being created? With over 5 billion videos being watched everyday, video has become one of the most powerful and effective tools in today’s world. It inspires, engages and motivates people. The Recognition of National Videography Day is designed to encourage people to film and post videos on January 25th to connect all of us around the world. It would also serve as a day to acknowledge the people behind the cameras who often to put themselves in the front lines of dangerous situations to capture news stories, wars, natural disasters and entertainment.

How should this day be celebrated? National Videography Day should be a day of celebrating videos ability to connect us all and should encourage all of us to be courageous and inspired to take and share videos from around the world.

Who created this day? This day was created in October 2020 by Matthew Gosselin.