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When is National Shoe the World Day?

March 15th is National Shoe the World Day.

What is National Shoe the World Day?

Sneakers can save lives—not the fashionable one that we pay for with an arm and a leg, but regular old tennis shoes. Having no shoes keeps people in poverty, so National Shoe the World Day raises awareness about the need to supply shoes to the global poor.

Without shoes, kids and adults lose chances to escape poverty. Shoes keep our feet safe while we run, but they’re more important than that. Shoes protect our feet from cuts, infections, and diseases. People with no shoes can’t meet uniform requirements for school or enter certain businesses, and it often perpetuates the hopelessness and loss of dignity that goes alongside poverty.

National Shoe the World Day is the perfect day to give people the confidence and opportunities that come with a new pair of shoes.

Fun facts about National Shoe the World Day!

  • Half a million people around the world have no shoes.
  • In sub-Saharan, where the daytime temps usually climb over 100 degrees, more than 20 million kids have no shoes.
  • People without shoes are susceptible to hookworms, which live in unsanitary soil and water. They can cause hookworm disease, which can cause pregnancy complications, amputations, and even death.
  • Homeless kids without shoes who have to look for food in garbage dumps are especially at risk for infection from glass and sharp objects.

How to celebrate National Shoe the World Day:

  • Donate to organizations that help people who don’t have shoes.
  • Find out how you can volunteer locally in the effort to supply the world with shoes.

What’s the hashtag for National Shoe the World Day?

Share the need for shoes by using #NationalShoeTheWorldDay on social media.