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What day is this day celebrated? March 6 (But you can report GSA fraud for a reward any day!)

What is National Report General Service Administration (GSA) Fraud Day? The purpose of this national day is twofold. First, National Report General Service Administration (GSA) Fraud Day brings awareness to the amount of fraud committed against the GSA government program. Second, it highlights both the need for whistleblowers and how to claim a significant reward for reporting GSA fraud.

Ten percent of all government spending is lost due to fraud. That adds up to $350 billion a year. To combat fraud, the government has turned to whistleblowers for help. The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has a whistleblower reward program that pays up to 30% of the funds recovered based upon allegations that someone cheated the government, including GSA fraud or fraud against any government agency or program.

Who created the day? Former Department of Justice Attorney Joel D. Hesch created National Report General Service Administration (GSA) Fraud Day to help whistleblowers stamp out GSA and other fraud and get a reward in the process.

After 16 years of working in the DOJ whistleblower reward office in Washington D.C., and working on cases recovering over $1.5 billion dollars, Mr. Hesch formed his own law firm dedicated solely to helping whistleblowers file rewards under government reward programs. The Hesch Firm, LLC exclusively represents whistleblowers file for whistleblower rewards they deserve. In fact, unless you hire an attorney and file the reward application correctly, whistleblowers are not eligible for a reward. Sadly, that results in 75 percent of all applications being turned away because of some mistake. That’s why it is so important to hire an attorney experienced with these whistleblower programs.

Visit Mr. Hesch’s website for more details about whistleblower reward programs. You can ask Mr. Hesch to review in complete confidence your allegations of fraud against the government by filling out a form on his website and find out if he believes you have the right type of case eligible for a significant whistleblower reward and if he can represent you in filing for the reward.

How to celebrate: The best way to celebrate National Report General Service Administration (GSA) Fraud Day is to learn about the government whistleblower reward programs (discussed more below) and then contact Mr. Hesch or another experienced whistleblower reward attorney to find out if you have the right type of case eligible for a reward. In addition, tell others of National Report General Service Administration (GSA) Fraud Day so they can help put an end to fraud against the government. Below are sections detailing how to file for a whistleblower reward, such as GSA fraud.

How to Report General Service Administration (GSA) Best Price Fraud: The government pays whistleblower rewards for reporting fraud against the General Service Administration (GSA) through schemes to conceal and deprive the GSA of their best prices. Frequently, the General Service Administration (GSA) or other agencies require a contractor or supplier to provide the government with the best price it charges to other customers, known as GSA best price fraud. This obligation requires companies to tell the GSA if it later gives a discount to another company at a lower than the price the GSA paid. Because this fraud is hard to detect by GSA, the government is paying sizable rewards for reporting GSA Best Price Fraud.

How to Report GSA Import Fraud: Congress passed two laws prohibiting contractors to sell goods or supplies through the General Service Administration (GSA) to governmental agencies if they import products from certain countries. Specifically, the “Trade Agreement Act (TAA)” prohibits a contractor to sell goods or supplies through the General Service Administration (GSA) to governmental agencies if they are imported products from countries, such as China and Taiwan, that don’t have reciprocal trade agreements with the United States. In addition, if a government contract contains a “Buy America Act” provision, it prohibits all goods from any country.

The GSA purchases large quantities of products for the various federal agencies. If the company violates either of these laws, it may be liable for damages and the whistleblower may be awarded a portion of the amount collected. This applies to direct contracts with the military or any agency, as well as listing products on the GSA website.

Free E-Book for reporting GSA fraud (or military fraud) and receive a monetary reward. To help whistleblowers properly report GSA fraud (or military fraud and other types of fraud), Mr. Hesch authored a free e-book on obtaining rewards for reporting fraud against the government. You can learn more about reporting GSA fraud, military fraud, or Medicare fraud for a reward by visiting Mr. Hesch’s website (