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When is International Cheetah Day?

International Cheetah Day occurs on December 4th.

What is International Cheetah Day?

At top speed, a cheetah’s stride is 21 feet. It can reach 70 mph in only 3 seconds. Yes, it’s fast. These incredible cats capture our imagination with their speed and gorgeous coats. They’re being killed off though. International Cheetah Day promotes policies and practices that will save the cheetahs from extinction.

Why would anyone kill a cheetah? Well, maybe it ate some goats or sheep. A cheetah’s got to eat. On the other hand, a herdsman has to protect the flock. It’s a dilemma.

While it’s not a simple problem, one solution may be relocation. For instance, advocates have been trying to reintroduce cheetahs into India since 2010. The last cheetah in India was killed in 1947. This cheetah relocation is controversial because the vulnerability of the species and the livelihood of farmers are both at stake.

It would be tragic to lose even one subspecies of this magnificent creature. The preservation of cheetahs will require some creativity and research, as well as a bit of political lobbying (as it always does). International Cheetah Day is the chance to spread the word and promote the preservation of these big cats.

Fun facts about International Cheetah Day!

  • The cat’s name comes from a Hindi word (“chita”) that means “spotted one.”
  • There are currently five species of cheetah.
  • Only 9,000 to 12,000 cheetahs remain in Africa.
  • At the end of 2017, fewer than 50 of the rare Asiatic cheetahs were alive in Iran.

How to celebrate International Cheetah Day:

  • Check out the cheetah! Do some research, watch some videos, and learn about these incredible cats.
  • Visit a zoo or a country where you could see a wild cheetah—from a distance.
  • Donate to an organization that does cheetah research and advocates for their protection.

What’s the hashtag for International Cheetah Day?

Share a cheetah pic on social media with #SaveTheCheetah and #IntlCheetahDay.