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When is National Hat Day?

January 15th is National Hat Day.

What is National Hat Day?

Good headgear speaks. It’s like a billboard on the brow. Maybe it says, “I’m getting out of the sun.” Maybe it says, “I’m workin’ here!” Whatever the message, head apparel makes a statement, and National Hat Day celebrates the different kinds of hats.

Why wear a hat? It keeps the sun out of your eyes. It keeps your head warm on a cold day. It’s part of the job for some folks. Contractors with hard hats, naval officers with sailor caps, and bishops with miters all wear hats for different reasons. And who doesn’t need a good baseball cap now and then?

Don’t leave your head in the cold on January 15th. Instead, use National Hat Day to enjoy the utility of a good hat. Your head will thank you.

Fun facts about National Hat Day!

  • A milliner designs or makes hats. The term initially referred to London merchants who sold women’s accessories (gloves, ribbons, bonnets, etc.) from Milan, Italy.
  • In the middle ages, hats became status symbols. Peasants would make their own often times while nobility would order custom creations from milliners.
  • Baseball umpires used to wear top hats, back in the 1800s.
  • Fedoras are no longer gender-specific. However, they were originally hats for women, and later only for men.
  • The different colors of hard hats often indicate different roles on the construction site, such as white ones for engineers and green for safety inspectors.

How to celebrate National Hat Day:

Slap on a hat, and get your friends to join you. What’s the weather? Choose your hat wisely.

What’s the hashtag for National Hat Day?

Post a pic with your hat on social media using #NationalHatDay.