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When is National Father-In-Law Day? July 30th is the day we get to celebrate new family. 

What is National Father-In-Law Day? A great way to love on your spouse is by loving on the people who raised them. Today is an opportunity to single out and care for your father-in-law. 

Fun facts about National Father-In-Law Day! National Father-In-Law Day was created by card companies. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use the day as an excuse to get to know your father-in-law better!

How to celebrate National Father-In-Law Day: Getting to know someone better only requires intentionality. Fishing, coffee, a sport to watch or play, or simply a walk will all provide you with an opportunity to grow this particular relationship. However, if your father-in-law isn’t immediately available then spend some time on the phone with them, catching up and sharing life together. Just being intentional will go a long way in building real relationship.

What is the hashtag for National Father-In-Law Day? Post about your father-in-law at #fatherinlawday!