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When is National Espresso Day?

National Espresso Day occurs on November 23rd.

What is National Espresso Day?

There’s no ‘x’ in ‘espresso,’ but it sure is fast. National Espresso Day celebrates this unique beverage and the drinks it makes possible.

In truth, making espresso is less about speed and more about power. Espresso machines blast almost-boiling water through finely ground coffee for about half a minute to obtain a rich, luxuriant brew. Sitting atop the beverage is the crema, a frothy blend of air bubbles and oils.

As espresso aficionados can attest, good crema has some unique qualities. For instance, it holds its shape. You can push it aside with a spoon to peer into the dark brew below, but take the spoon out and the crema should once again cover the whole surface. The whole shot should look like crema until the pour finishes, after which the beverage will settle into separate layers.

Americanos, lattes, cappuccinos, and many other recipes begin with a shot of espresso. So raise a glass—of espresso—to this fine drink today.

Fun facts about National Espresso Day!

  • The Italian government regulates espresso.
  • Espresso machines extract coffee from the beans with a force of 132 pounds per square inch.
  • Brewed espresso has a fat content of 2.5%. Normal drip coffee is only 0.6% fat.
  • In a high-quality espresso, the crema should stick around for at least 3-5 minutes.
  • American soldiers in Italy are the purported originators of the ‘Americano. Some believe they diluted espresso with hot water to approach a more familiar style of American coffee. It could all be a myth though.

How to celebrate National Espresso Day:

Order an espresso today. Take a friend, and enjoy it sitting down. Discuss the crema, assess the flavor, and practice leaving the ‘x’ out of ‘espresso.’

What’s the hashtag for National Espresso Day?

Use #NationalEspressoDay on social media to celebrate this fine beverage.