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What is National Couscous day? 
On National Couscous Day we celebrate the very existence of couscous – the fluffy, delicious and versatile grain originating from North Africa. Couscous is easy and quick to prepare and tastes delicious when combined with herbs, spices and vegetables. It can liven up your midweek meals, summer barbecues and lunchboxes – couscous is great on its own, as an ingredient for fantastic salads or as a healthy side dish for brothy stews, roasted meats or vegetables and stir-fries. It’s low in fat and calories and a good source of fibre, protein and the antioxidant selenium. It’s a day for couscous fans to share their love of couscous and encourage new people to try it and love it too!
Fun facts about National Couscous Day!
  • Not technically a grain, couscous is actually formed from durum wheat semolina
  • Couscous has been a staple food of the Maghreb for centuries and its preparation symbolises happiness and abundance.
  • In North Africa, couscous is traditionally served at wedding and celebration feasts to bring luck
  • The world’s first manufacturing plant for the production of couscous was established in Algeria in 1907
  • TV Chef, Ainsley Harriott created his own range of flavoured couscous in 2002 
Who created this day? 
The day was created by The Branded Food Group (BFG) Limited in 2020 to raise awareness of couscous as a tasty, versatile and healthier alternative to rice, pasta and noodles. 
How should National Couscous Day be celebrated? 
By eating couscous! Celebrate National Couscous Day by trying different flavours and experimenting with new ways of cooking with couscous. Share your favourite recipes online. Gather your friends and family and enjoy a feast or summer barbecue with delicious couscous dishes or just liven up your midweek meal with this versatile grain. 
What’s the hashtag for National Couscous Day?
Get online and share your love of couscous #nationalcouscousday