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When is National Chocolate Milk Day?

The 27th of September is National Chocolate Milk Day.

What is National Chocolate Milk Day?

Who didn’t blow bubbles in their chocolate milk as a kid? How many of us still do? I’m the only one? Oh well. National Chocolate Milk Day takes us back to the good old days when we drank it as kids, and back to five minutes ago when we enjoyed it as adults.

All across the country, people use National Chocolate Milk Day to relax with a mug of this frosty goodness. Some experiment at home with new and exotic ingredients, while others sit back and wander through the memories that surface with a cold glass of chocolate milk.

But, no need to reinvent the chocolate milk wheel. On National Chocolate Milk Day, feel free just to enjoy it.

Fun facts about National Chocolate Milk Day!

  • The extra sugars found in chocolate milk can rebuild glycogen stores that are depleted during exercise, so it’s an effective post-workout recovery drink.
  • The essential ingredient of chocolate milk (chocolate in a powdered form) is typically called “cocoa,” while “cacao” usually refers to the plant or its beans before processing.
  • Drinking chocolate originated in South America, but Europeans found it too bitter, so they brought it home and sweetened it.

How to celebrate National Chocolate Milk Day:

Whether it’s a cool jug from the store or a powder mixed in milk, enjoy a glass of chocolate milk. If you decide to make your own with cocoa powder and sweetener, consider adding cinnamon or a pinch of salt. Genius!

What’s the hashtag for National Chocolate Milk Day?

Share your chocolate milk celebrations on social media with #ChocolateMilkDay.