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When is National Buffet Day?

January 2nd is National Buffet Day.

What is National Buffet Day?

Unlimited helpings and an expansive selection, that’s why we like a good buffet. Oh, and the crab legs. And the roast. There are so many reasons. National Buffet Day honors this classic mealtime format.

Buffets appear at weddings and galas, hotels and conventions. And, if you get the buffet hankering in between events, many restaurants have buffets to meet your smorgasbord needs.

There is a catch though. A buffet presents diners with the paradox of choice, in which more options could make you less happy than fewer options would. To enjoy the buffet experience fully requires strategy and patience. The tips below should set you in the right direction in your National Buffet Day celebrations.

Fun facts about National Buffet Day!

  • The idea of a buffet came from Scandinavians in the 16th century who served a schnapps table, which consisted of breads, spreads, cheese, meats, and liqueurs.
  • The term ‘buffet’ originally referred to the sideboard tables the French used to serve pre-meal hors d’oeuvres. The term later grew to mean the open, self-serve format.

How to celebrate National Buffet Day:

  • To defeat the paradox of choice, here are some quick tips that will maximize your buffet satisfaction:
  • Start with what you know you will love. Don’t just go through the line and load up on fillers like iceberg lettuce and mashed potatoes—unless you really love mashed potatoes. Find your favorites first, and then move on to what you think you might also like.
  • Survey your options before stepping up to the plate. In a food line, there is social pressure to make a choice and move along, so make your decisions before you get in line.
  • If you’re unsure about some dishes, create a sampler plate to test out small portions. Then head back to the buffet and load up the top contenders with confidence.

What’s the hashtag for National Buffet Day?

Showcase your buffet expertise on social media by using #NationalBuffetDay.