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When is this day celebrated? April 5

Why is this day being celebrated? National Body Care Day is a day to bring awareness to healthy body skincare to protect your biggest organ, the skin.

Who founded this day? This day was created by Kayo Body Care in 2018. 

Why was this day created? Skincare for the other 95% of the skin, the skin below your chin, has been forgotten. In this day and age, with pollutants and harmful sun, the skin all over the body needs to be cared for just as much as the skin on the face to protect from disease and aging. This day highlights the need for people to start caring their biggest organ, the skin all over their body.

How to celebrate: People celebrating should focus on their skincare that is applied to the whole body, bringing awareness to the ingredients being used (clean and toxic) to ensure the public becomes aware of skin health and the health of your biggest organ. Take the time to look at the ingredients in your skin care. If they aren’t what you expect, look for a better alternative. 

Social Media: On social media, people can post about their favorite body care line, conditions of the skin on the body, or success stories of health all over the body with hashtag #NationalBodyCareDay