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What day is National Armagnac Day celebrated? December 21

What is National Armagnac Day?

National Armagnac Day is a celebration of Armagnac, an alcoholic drink similar to Cognac.

Made in the Armagnac region of France, the spirit’s namesake, Armagnac is a singly distilled brandy. The oldest brandy to be distilled in France, it is made from white grapes, distilled in column stills, and aged in oak barrels. Due to the differences in the distillation process, it is more robust, fragrant, and flavorful in taste than the better-known and lighter-tasting Cognac. Those who enjoy drinking bourbon may find Armagnac to be a welcome transition into brandy drinking.

Why is this day being created?

Armagnac has recently been increasing in popularity and is a specialty spirit worthy of enjoyment.

Who created this national day?

This day was created by Ming Luke in 2019. 

How should the day be celebrated?

Enjoy an Armagnac beverage in a cocktail or by itself!