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When is International Ninja Day?

December 5th is International Ninja Day.

What is International Ninja Day?

A black-shrouded figure drops from the ceiling not far from your desk. You were the first one to arrive at the office, and you’re alone. Are you about to fall victim to a ninja assassin? Nope. It’s International Ninja Day, and that’s just your coworker, Bill, showing up for work.

Pirate-lovers aside, who doesn’t want to be a ninja? These fabled warriors of stealth and agility inspire us to walk silently to the bathroom at night and avoid the noisy step on the stairs. There is no better day to practice these valuable skills than International Ninja Day.

Ninjas came slinking out of 15th-century feudal Japan when samurai families started to train covert operatives in espionage, sabotage, and assassination. Ninjas practiced unconventional warfare that focused on stealth, perseverance, and martial arts. Today, you can still learn ninjutsu techniques derived from the ancient way of the ninja.

Fun facts about International Ninja Day!

  • Ninja Burger created International Ninja Day to celebrate their speedy burger-flippin’ skills.
  • Ninja’s wore masks like modern soldiers paint their faces with camouflage. Masks were an occasional piece of ninja attire when maximum stealth was necessary.
  • Many ninjas were female.
  • The shuriken, the ninja’s throwing stars, were designed more as distractions than as instruments of long-range death.

How to celebrate International Ninja Day:

Be stealthy. Dress like a ninja, run like a ninja, and be aware of your surroundings. A ninja is rarely surprised.

What’s the hashtag for International Ninja Day?

Tag your ninja selfies on social media with #NinjaDay.