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When is International Anti-Corruption Day?

December 9th is International Anti-Corruption Day.

What is International Anti-Corruption Day?

Corruption promotes poverty. It’s true. The abuse of authority trickles down through businesses and governments to the poorest segments of society. It indirectly aggravates the financial struggles of the poor, so International Anti-Corruption Day encourages us to stand against corruption around the world.

Whenever people use their power or influence to exploit others for their own profit, that’s corruption. Bribery is common in developing countries, where folks who can’t pay a bribe are stuck. People unable to pay off government officials often lose out on basic justice.

But even developed countries suffer from embezzlement, price fixing, political graft, insider trading, and many other unscrupulous practices. It’s not just about the poor either. Corruption weakens democracy and destabilizes governments.

International Anti-Corruption Day is for everyone, because no organization or country is free from the unethical exercise of authority for personal gain.

Facts about International Anti-Corruption Day!

  • Corruption isn’t a culture-specific disease. It occurs anywhere that opportunity and inclination exist.
  • In a 2017 survey by Transparency International, 55% of people said that the main deterrent to reporting corruption is fear of reprisal.
  • Some people consider career networking a form of corruption, arguing that it short-circuits merit-based hiring processes.

How to celebrate International Anti-Corruption Day:

  • Report incidents of corruption in your workplace or your government. Before you do though, look into laws and organizations that protect whistleblowers so that you know your rights and the best way to proceed.
  • Learn about the different types of corruption so that you’ll know it when you see it. Refuse to participate in activities that are neither legal nor transparent. Promote a culture of severe consequences for corruption.

What’s the hashtag for International Anti-Corruption Day?

Oppose corruption on social media by using #AntiCorruptionDay.