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When will Diceapalooza Day be celebrated? June 11th of each calendar year.

What is Diceapalooza Day? Diceapalooza is a celebration of the wonderful world of dice presented by Wyrmwood Gaming. This is a Kickstarter event that offers a wide array of dice crafted from resin, gemstones, and metals. It also features a large collection of dice accessories including, dice trays, dice towers, and dice storage. Not to mention merchandise, art, and even edible flavored gummy dice. Diceapalooza has a playful party theme and is reflected throughout the campaign and offerings with vibrant colors, surreal visuals, and an overall whimsical vibe.


How should Diceapalooza Day be celebrated or observed? Play some tabletop games! Roll some dice! Wear your most vibrant clothes!

Why was Diceapalooza Day created? Diceapalooza Day marks the launch of Wyrmwood’s campaign, and if that wasn’t enough reason for celebration, now you have the perfect excuse to get together with friends and play some games. Maybe even dress up in your most colorful outfit!

Who created this day? This day was created by Wyrmwood in 2024.