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When is this day celebrated? November 9

What is Brian Holland Legacy Day? 

Brian Holland was a community leader, an industry professional, a confidant, friend, and master of guidance and positivity. He was not only a citizen of Asbury Park, he was a citizen of the world. Brian LOVED, MENTORED, TAUGHT, and his KINDNESS was far-reaching and had no borders. 

Brian was the cornerstone of our community and culture. Throughout his life, with us, Brian has elevated us all every day to be better versions of ourselves, to care for every human being, and to never forget to laugh.

The beauty of Brian’s life was that his family, and friends, all say the exact same things: Brian was a selfless person who would sacrifice his time, energy, and money to charitable causes all across the state of New Jersey. He was an advocate for those whose voice wasn’t loud enough to reach the platforms that could make a difference. In meetings, conversations, discussions, and events Brian spoke up for those who could not speak for themselves.

He forced everyone around him to see that the world in which we live in is not black or white, but filled with beautiful moments of color that we all need to take a step back and enjoy.

Who founded this day? This day was created by the Brian Holland Legacy Foundation in 2019. 

How should this day be celebrated or observed?

By spreading love, kindness, laughter, and helping your fellow citizens.